The Facility

Ganey Agnon is a new facility designed and built to a high standard, meeting all government regulations. It includes 5 classrooms, a gymboree, fully equipped kitchen, playgrounds and an office. We offer a home-like environment which includes new, high quality equipment.

The classrooms are large and airy. Children can play freely while enjoying a secure space. The design provides a variety of stimulation which encourages children to explore their environment and the world around them through their natural curiosity. The space inside and out provides learning centers that encourage discovery, play and experiential learning.


In the gan there is a modern gymboree room designed and equipped to the best standards, which gives children the possibility of improving motor development as well as play time and enjoyment, and a place for energetic activity on hot or rainy days

Gan Yard

The yard of the gan is spacious and well equipped, surrounded by well-tended greenery, clean air, trees and umbrellas for shading, a track for toddler bikes, supervised clean sand box and more. All these encourage children to enjoy the natural space they need.


At Gan Agnon, we work for maximum protection of our children, in order to create for them a safe environment for development, and provide peace of mind for the parents.


In the gan facility, there are security cameras that record the whole area of the facility.  In each class there are designed windows facing the gan area enabling transparency and supervision.


The gan facility is built according to the strictest safety rules and is equipped with the best safety and fire approvals required to operate it.


The gan has an extended insurance policy that is adapted to the needs of the gan that includes third party insurance and insurance for personal accidents for children and parents, property and building insurance, and personal accident insurance for the educational staff.


Each year the gan staff undergoes a refresher first aid training and child care safety course with a qualified trainer.