Registration for the year 2019 is in full swing. We invite parents who are looking for an excellent educational framework for their children to join our gan for high quality care and education for their children.

It is worth investing in the care and education of young children!!

Here you will find

  • A spectacular daycare/preschool facility complex located in an easy-to-find destination, including a large, well-maintained garden and playground equipment, adjacent parking, gymboree room and more.
  • A sensitive, responsible and experienced staff that provides an abundance of warmth and love, with great patience and dedication along with a rich educational and development program.
  • The ratio of staff per the size of the group of children is high which enables personal attention to the children throughout the operating hours of the day care. 
  • A kitchen that serves healthy, fresh and varied meals according to a menu that is built and supervised by a clinical nutritionist. 
  • A rich program that includes unique activities, classes and games aimed at motor, cognitive, emotional and social development. 
  • Professional guidance by the kindergarten director and by a senior academic supervisor.
  • Closed-circuit security cameras and personal insurance for each child.
  • A warm, joyful and enveloping atmosphere like the little ones and their parents need and love.

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