Children Curriculum Activities

The pre-school day has a set daily routine which is flexible and suited to the young ages of the children. The schedule includes times for a variety of activities in the class: the playground, the gymboree, rest time and meals. Throughout the year the routine will change in accordance with the children’s development, the holidays and months of the year, changes of the seasons and relevant topics that the children take an interest in through their natural curiosity.

In the gan there is a modern gymboree room designed and equipped to the best standards, which gives children the possibility of improving motor development as well as play time and enjoyment, and a place for energetic activity on hot or rainy days

The yard of the gan is spacious and well equipped, surrounded by well-tended greenery, clean air, trees and umbrellas for shading, a track for toddler bikes, supervised clean sandbox, and more.  All these encourage children to enjoy the natural space they need.

Enrichment Activities

The curriculum includes enrichment activities that are integrated throughout the year and are aimed at the children’s ages and needs. These activities will be taught by instructors with the cooperation of the staff. The goal is to enrich each child’s world by using all of  their senses and encouraging a joy of learning.

A yoga class for toddlers is taught every week by Illana Assayag Levy, who specializes in developmental accompaniment and baby massage. She is a music teacher herself and she also trains yoga teachers.

The yoga class creates a deep acquaintance with the body and its wondrous abilities. During the course, the children practice not only different yoga poses, but also breathing and relaxation, and are familiarized with instruments from all over the world. The class “Baby Yoga” also includes baby massage and, together with the baby yoga exercises, it strengthens the muscles and flexibility, encourages development and is very enjoyable for all.

A musical class for preschoolers is taught to the Charuz (Rhyme) class and Agada (Fairytale) Class each week in the Gordon method, guided by Noa Lunski Engelman, a musician and graduate of the Early Childhood Music Education Program at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. During the activity, the children and the team sing, recite, and listen to music. We encounter non-musical themes from the world of imagination and emotion: joy, excitement, fear, shyness, exploration and discovery. Together we embark on our journey with our natural body-instruments! Sound, drumming and motion.

Gordon’s Theory is a theory developed during the 1980’s by Prof. Edwin Gordon (USA), which relates to musical development from infancy onward. The theory of music theory is a modern model for the question “How do we learn music?” In his writing, Gordon explains the similarity between music and language and emphasizes the importance of musical exposure during the first months of life through interaction with a human “mediator” (teacher or parent). Due to the rapid development of the human brain in the early years, early exposure to music will enable the child to develop his musical ability and it will become a solid basis for his future abilty.


In Gan Agnon there is a kitchen, where the food is cooked daily and we provide the children with home-cooked food, tasty, good quality and fresh. The kitchen is built according to all the required standards, and the food undergoes standard testing with strict attention to the quality of food and raw ingredients.  The kindergarten menu was formulated together with a nutritionist and an expert in early childhood, and includes all the food needed for the children’s healthy development.

The children at the gan receive a rich breakfast, a hot meat-based lunch and a snack at 16:00.  You can find the menu at the parents’ board at the gan.

The menu will be published with the parent’s schedule.

Our kitchen